STOP DWI Madison County
Have a Plan. Don't Drive. Get a Ride.

BRiDGES has operated the prevention education component of the Madison County Sheriff's Office STOP DWI program since 2013. In this role we coordinate SADD conferences across the county, provide ID Check Guides to on and off premise establishments, and partner with Madison County businesses to make events safer for our community.

Safe Selling Practices

The STOP DWI Program is committed to reducing the number of lives impacted by impaired driving because each of us care about the people in our community. We recognize the establishments who spend tireless hours producing products, planning events, and building a customer base and acknowledge adults can consume alcohol responsibly. We also cannot ignore the fact that alcohol creates significant issues in our community when it is not used responsibly.


Alcohol continues to be identified as the drug most frequently used by respondents on the Teen Assessment Project Survey in 2018. Forty two percent of all youth who responded reported having had a drink of alcohol, which is an increase from 36% in 2014. As in 2014, females reported this behavior at a slightly higher percentage (40%) than did males (43%).


With 216 DWI offenses in Madison County in 2019, we are dedicated to changing the landscape of drinking behavior in our County to keep people safe. As an establishment owner, server, community event planner, and/or citizen you can help us to do so! Please follow the link below to access a toolkit that was compiled by the Garrett County Health Department.


This toolkit consists of research-based best practices. It will assist community event planners with safety suggestions that will better ensure a positive community festival and event experience as well as help to reduce over-consumption.


We encourage event planners to implement these best practices as your time and resources permit.  If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Cottet, at BRiDGES, at (315) 697-3947.

Community Outreach

STOP DWI Madison County is always seeking creative ways to spread awareness and education through events.

WMCR Interviews STOP DWI

Sgt. Matthew White, STOP DWI Coordinator, and Jennifer Cottet, STOP DWI Prevention Education Specialist were invited in by WMCR for a radio interview. Jen and Sgt. White talked about the serious issues related to driving impaired and how it pertains to Madison County. Statistics concerning driving while impaired in our area are discussed as well as how law enforcement agencies work together to crackdown on DWIs at peak times. Jen also talks about various outreach efforts in the community she has organized to raise awareness.
WMCR Interview.jpg

2nd Annual STOP DWI Puck Drop with the Morrisville Mustangs

In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk and impaired driving, SUNY Morrisville men’s ice hockey team partnered with Madison County’s STOP DWI Program for the second year in a row and dedicated the night to the cause.


The game started with a ceremonial puck drop to honor Kane Buss, a 2013 graduate of Oneida High School was killed by a drunk driver in January 2015. Buss was an aspiring law enforcement student.


Dalton Buss, Kane’s brother, was accompanied by Mike and Claudette Buss, his fiancé Morgan Simmons, extended family, and close friends to honor him throughout the night. Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood, Sergeant Matthew White, Chief of University Police Paul Field, SUNY Morrisville President David Rogers, and Jackson Peters escorted Dalton to the ice.


As supporters entered the game, they were given a stress ball hockey puck with the STOP DWI logo, provided by the STOP DWI program as a reminder not to drive under the influence. There was a great deal of support for the Mustangs and the Buss family from the crowd of more than 250, which families from 4H, student athletes, parents of players, Boy Scouts, law enforcement, and community members.


During the first intermission fans were selected to enter the ice to participate in a puck shoot with the “fatal vision” goggles—blurred-vision eyewear that demonstrated how impairment by drugs or alcohol affects a driver’s ability. Throughout the night, fans were reminded through PSAs to not drive under the influence and to always have a plan to get home safe.


To end the night, all were welcome to skate with the team and get autographs from the players on the team photograph. “It’s one of my favorite parts of the event to see the team come together with the community for such an important cause,” said STOP DWI Prevention Education Specialist, Jennifer Cottet. “The joy on everyone’s face is a true reflection of why nobody should take the risk of getting behind the wheel impaired.”

ID Scanner

BRiDGES has an ID Scanner available free for loan to community organizations, bars and restaurants that host events where alcohol is served.  Call today to reserve the scanner for your event: 315-697-3947


The Alcohol Literacy Challenge (ALC) revolutionizes classroom-based prevention by changing students’ beliefs about the effects of alcohol and reducing the quantity and frequency of alcohol use – in only 1 classroom session lasting just 50-90 minutes depending on grade level. The ALC is available in 5 age appropriate lessons for students in 5th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade, high school & college, as well as for parents who want to teach this groundbreaking prevention strategy to their children.
The Alcohol Literacy Challenge™ is a brief classroom-based prevention program that specifically and systematically challenges student’s beliefs about the effects of drinking alcohol. It is designed to alter alcohol expectancies and reduce the quantity and frequency of alcohol use among high school and college students. 

The ALC is currently being offered in these schools: 

  • Cazenovia

  • Hamilton

  • Madison-Oneida BOCES Access Site

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is an organization that strives to empower young people to successfully confront the risks of pressures that challenge them throughout their daily lives. This is accomplished by supporting the network of student run chapters in schools that are focused on peer-to-peer education. There are currently active SADD groups at the following Madison County Schools: Canastota, Cazenovia, Chittenango, DeRuyter, Hamilton, Holy Cross, Madison, Oneida, and Stockbridge. 

As part of a community-wide effort to provide the best training and services for you and your employees, we invite you to participate in TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures).  TIPS is the industry leader in alcohol server training and now offers the best online training available to the hospitality industry!

We believe better employee training can help reduce the number of alcohol related emergency room visits, police incidents, and emergency response requests in our community.  Please join with us in our effort to keep Madison County a safe and healthy community!

Environmental Strategies 

STOP DWI Madison County works with local businesses to make events safer for our community.  Strategies used include messaging, encouraging, individuals to "Have A Plan" and/or STOP DWI, designating a drinking area at events, utilizing ID scanner (available to loan for free), encouraging use of security at events, bracelets for Designated Drivers, offering DDs incentives, etc. These are rooted and based out of CADCA's "The Coalition Impact: Environmental Prevention Strategies".  We also work in collaboration with Hamilton Area Community Coalition (HACC).

One Life Taken Is One Too Many.