Victory for the Utica Comets & Stop DWI

STOP DWI programs from Madison, Oneida, and Herkimer Counties joined the Utica Comets the night before Thanksgiving as they hosted the Laval Rockets. The night before Thanksgiving is commonly known as “Drunksgiving” or “Blackout Wednesday” due to the number of people that drink so close to the holiday. Fans were given various opportunities to educate themselves regarding DWIs but also were reminded through giveaways and PSAs. The first 350 people through the door were given a stress hockey puck with the STOP DWI Madison County logo on it. As fans walked through the foyer, an educational table was set up where they could enter to win a Comets jersey by answering a question regarding driving

Holiday Parties: Keeping Them Safe

Make sure this year’s holiday celebrations are memorable for all the right reasons. If alcohol is going to be served at your party or family gathering, take care of your family, friends, co-workers, and yourself by following these simple guidelines for your holiday gatherings. Do not let someone who is impaired drive. Arrange for the person to sleep over or get a ride home with a friend, a ride service or a taxi. You may meet with resistance from the partygoer who says he or she is “fine” but taking away the car keys can save a life. Better to be safe than sorry. Provide your guests with an attractive selection of non-alcoholic beverages and do not make drinking the focal point of the party

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