Staff & Board of Directors

112 Farrier Ave, Suite 314  |  Oneida NY



  • Susan L. Jenkins, M.S., CEAP, CPP-G, Executive Director

              With Council since 1991 

  • Maureen Campanie, M.P.A., CPP, Associate Director

              With Council since 2003

  • Linda Araki, A.A.S., Finance Director 

              With Council since 2007 

  • Cristina Amann, A.G.S., LGBTQIA Support Group Facilitator & Prevention

              With Council since 2018 

  • Heather Bernet, B.S., Statewide Coordinator - ATFC

              With Council since 1998 

  • Mary Ann Brillante, B.S.W., CASAC, Employee Assistance Professional

              With Council since 1994 

  • Kacy Brink, B.A., Reality Check Lead Coordinator

              With Council since 2019

  • Paitience Burch, A.A.S., STOP DWI Prevention Education Specialist

              With Council since 2020

  • Jerry Burlison, M.S., Prevention Education Specialist

               With Council since 2020

  • Susan Casanova, B.A., CASAC, Coordinator - ATFC

              With Council since 2008 

  • Deborah M. Cassidy, M.S., CEAP, Employee Assistance Coordinator  

              & Victim Impact Panel Coordinator

              With Council since 1994 

  • Lauren Davie, B.A., CPP, Coordinator, Central Region Addiction Resource Center

              With Council since 2012

  • Kim Haley, LPN, M.S., Prevention Education Specialist

              With Council since 2020​

  • Julie Hengst, B.A., Prevention Education Specialist

              With Council since 2010

  • Rachel Johnson, B.F.A., Youth Action Specialist - Reality Check

              With Council since 2017

  • Kari Simchik, A.A.S., Administrative Assistant/Receptionist            

              With Council since 2015


We're Here To Help!

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Tel: (315) 697-3949 BRiDGES / EAP
Fax: (315) 697-2708


         Hours:  Monday-Friday 8am - 4pm

                      Tuesday evenings until 7p,                              available by appointment

   Mary Ann     Brillante, 

Employee Assistance Professional

BRiDGES Board of Directors


The Madison County Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc., DBA BRiDGES, is incorporated in the State of New York as a 501 (c) (3), not-for-profit organization. BRiDGES is governed by a Board of Directors that has the general power to control and manage the affairs and property of the corporation in accordance with the purposes and limitations set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation.

The Board of Directors meets the third Thursday of each month. Members of the Board may be contacted through the BRiDGES office at 112 Farrier Ave, Suite 314, Oneida, NY 13421. Tel: (315) 697-3947


BRiDGES Board of Directors 2020

  • Roger Benn - President

      Director, Provider Solutions & Health System Performance, Excellus BC/BS

  • Julie Harney - Vice-President

      Executive Director​, Office for the Aging

  • Katie Mungari - Treasurer

      Director, Community Health Services, Madison County Health Department

  • Tracy Carman - Secretary

      Communications Director, NYS Assessor's Association

  • Darlene Angelicchio

      CEO, Professional Counseling Services, Inc.

  • Stephanie Burke

      ​Counselor, Oneida Schools

  • ​Inv. Matt Gacek

      Investigator, Oneida City Police Department​

  • Melissa Moore, Ed.D

      Registrar & Student Conduct Administrator, Bryant & Stratton College