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Our Mission

The mission of BRiDGES is to provide leadership, advocacy, services and programs that improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction, substance abuse and related social problems. This mission is implemented through a comprehensive, science based approach to the delivery of universal, selective and indicated programs and services that are delivered within the home, school, workplace and community.

Community Education

Through community programs and projects, BRiDGES educates community members about risk and protective factors associated with addiction, substance abuse, and related social problems. BRiDGES staff are available to conduct community trainings (for adults, youth and/or school faculty and staff) on topics related to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, including suicide prevention and problem gambling presentations.  BRiDGES staff will also write and submit articles on prevention topics if a school, business or organization desires.

Target Audiences:

  • Community Members

  • Human Service Providers

  • Treatment Providers

  • Educators

  • Political Leaders

  • Business Leaders

  • Religious Leaders

Information & Referrals


BRiDGES offers confidential assessment and referral services.  We can present options and/or refer individuals and families affected by alcoholism, substance abuse and related social problems to appropriate service providers in our community.  There is hope!  Call us Monday-Friday 8am-5pm at 315-697-3947.


Parent Education

Sometimes, parents need extra support and education in order to raise strong, resilient children.  Through individual contact, small groups and large presentations, BRiDGES educates parents about reducing risk factors associated with drug and alcohol misuse by youth. We provide hope and encouragement to parents dealing with youth involved in substance abuse.

Health & Wellness Programs

Well-being goes beyond good health and the absence of illness. It includes enhancing your quality of life through improved physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. BRiDGES offers trainings and access to several programs that will help you and your employees achieve your health and wellness goals.  Contact us to design a presentation that best suits your needs.

BRIDGES staff will also write and submit articles on prevention topics if a school, company, or organization is interested in having this a part of their newsletter or publications.

Active Parenting Now
Parents of Youth ages 5-12*

Do you ever wonder if there’s a better way to handle those daily parenting problems? Maybe your son dawdles around whenever it’s time to get dressed for school….or your daughter is suddenly using disrespectful language…or the children seem to forget their chores or argue every minute of the day. Or maybe you’d like to prepare now for the upcoming teen years.

Active Parenting Now can help you become more successful at parenting – the most important job of your life.  In six sessions you will learn a proven approach to parenting that will lead to more harmony and happiness for you and your children.

This interactive and entertaining program uses video, activities and discussion to show you ways to raise responsible, cooperative children who are able to resist negative peer pressure. 

Active Parenting Now for Parents of Teens is also available! 


*There is a program fee for Active Parenting Programs.

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Teen Intervene
For Teens Who May Be Using Substances

Teen Intervene is an evidence based program for teenagers suspected of experiencing mild or moderate problems associated with alcohol or other drug use. TI integrates stages of change theory, cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing into its program.

Program Fee:  There is a $75 fee charged for this program.

Choices & Consequences
An Individual Program for Teens up to Age 18

Schools, Probation or Courts in Madison County may refer a youth to the program if they are at risk for, or are using drugs or alcohol or are facing consequences as a result of being caught with drugs or alcohol. Parents may also refer their son/daughter if drug or alcohol use is a concern. The Choices and Consequences Program consists of multiple sessions held at BRiDGES.

Program length: 5 hours (One-hour assessment with a parent and 2, two-hour program sessions)

During the assessment appointment the needs of the youth are determined and the program format and content is designed to meet the needs of each youth. Depending on the assessment results, and age of the youth, one of two evidence based programs will be implemented; Teen Intervene or Prime for Life.

Program Fee:  There is a $75 fee charged for this program.

Marijuana Today
Prevention Education for Adults

Marijuana Today is a 3-hour prevention education program for adults, ages 19 and older.  Adults referred to the program meet twice with a BRiDGES staff member. 

Over the course of the 3-hour program, the content will include:

  • Marijuana Past & Present

  • Modes of Use

  • New York State Laws

  • Safety Concerns

  • Short & Long Term Effects

  • Medical Marijuana

  • High Risk Choices

  • Setting Goals

Program Fee:  There is a $100 fee charged for the program.