Advancing Tobacco Free Communities

In Madison, Oneida & Herkimer Counties

​BRiDGES Tobacco Prevention Program (BTPP) is a community partnership grant funded by the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Tobacco Control (BTC). BTPP is made up of two main components, Community Engagement and Reality Check. These components work together, seeking to build healthier communities through tobacco-free living in Oneida, Madison and Herkimer 

Counties. We have several initiatives and efforts to help us work towards our

goal of bettering lives and communities.

Click on the icon below to view the results of the December 2019 Community Tobacco Survey of Adult Residents of Herkimer County

Projects & Programs

Reality Check is New York State's youth led movement aimed at exposing the deceptive marketing practices of the tobacco industry.

Reality Check provides you with an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and gain experience in the areas of government, social justice, media, public speaking, event planning, health, and so much more. 

If you want to make a difference in your community and help to create a healthier community Reality Check is a group for you to get involved in.

But if you are not a teen and you want to help don't despair!

We have opportunities for you as well. So please contact us

at and find us on Facebook 

Reality Check Youth Program

Ages 13-18

"Reality Check is a program that has helped me to become more confident in myself as I have learned the skills to communicate with elected officials, the media, and key leaders in my community. It is also a great feeling to know that I am making a difference in my community by helping it to become a healthier place."  Brennan Hysell, 16 from Madison, NY

Tobacco Free Stores

An initiative to reduce the impact of retail tobacco marketing on youth.

Tobacco Free Outdoors

An initiative to increase tobacco free outdoor policies, including tobacco free worksites, parks, playgrounds, beaches, municipal property, entryways, colleges, universities, and other outdoor public areas.

Smoke Free Movies

An initiative to focus on Rating R with movies depicting smoking in them

Smoke Free Housing

An iniative is to decrease secondhand smoke exposure in multi-unit housing, with an emphasis on policies that protect the health of low-income residents.