Madison County Victim Impact Panel (VIP)
Real Stories From Real People
Madison County VIP

VIP is an opportunity for court mandated participants to hear real life stories and become aware of the spiral effect of impaired driving crashes.  Those who have been affected in one way or another hope their stories will help others to make low risk choices and avoid the pain they have experienced. 

A speaker might be family member or a friend of someone injured or killed, the actual person injured, a first responder or the offender themselves.  Each has a story to tell and the telling of that story can be a part of their healing as well.

Madison County VIP is a program of the Office of the Madison County Sheriff and administered by BRiDGES. 


If you have any questions regarding this program or if you or someone you know needs support as a result of an impaired crash you can reach the program administrator at 315-697-3947 or by email at

VIP is a program of the

Madison County Sheriffs Office.

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